Danny “The Bull”

Dan Busse is known as Danny “The Bull” around the Busse Combat Knife Shop.  This is primarily due to his sensitive and non-confrontational nature. . . you know, like an actual Bull! He is unwilling to settle for second rate anything. The proverbial Bull in the China shop is a great analogy for his approach to everything.  His love for useable, everyday, utility products is a driving force behind his efforts to deliver the best.  He is a stickler for quality and apologizes to no one. 

Dan has always preferred to carry his knives in leather. We have always referenced his carry gear as Danny “The Bull” Sheaths. We are excited to start sharing these leather sheaths with you. Availability is dependent on the knives being offered and or shortly thereafter.

Available Sheaths

INFI Ratmandu Sheath

This sheath will also fit your Busse Ratmandu knife.

Team Gemini Ultra Light Brigade Sheath

Stay Tuned!

These sheaths are the “Battle Grade” of leather sheaths. They are not meant to be magnificent works of artistic craftsmanship like those of Chad Pirtle and other top makers. Dan has procured the services of a major leather manufacturer, who has made sheathers for Busse in the past. We will include FREE SHIPPING on any sheath that we can ship with your knife order. Otherwise, standard shipping & handling charges of $9.95 will apply and $4.00 for every additonal sheath.